Saffron Scarf

Saffron Scarf

A dear friend gave me this scarf several years ago, and every time I wear it, I remember 1) what a wonderful friend she is, and 2) how much I love it. It dresses up, dresses down. Today I wore it with a deep purple wrap dress and dark yellow tights on a trip out-of-state for work. I stopped at a McDonald’s to inhale some lunch and check my e-mail on my laptop. A little boy and girl were at the table next to mine, enjoying milkshakes and burgers with their grandma. The boy, about six, had dark hair and brown eyes. Preoccupied by work, I glanced up to catch the woman’s laughing eyes just as the boy was smiling shyly and slipping down into his seat. “He said, ‘She looks beautiful,'” Grandma said. I’d have bought him a milkshake if he didn’t already have one.

“No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” -Aesop

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