"Retha, 1942"
“Retha, 1942”

Another weekend nearly gone and I didn’t accomplish half the tasks on the list. It’s hard to feel badly about that, because we spent time with friends and family and I even fit in a few phone conversations. Today, my grandma asked if I wanted this little plaster statue. She received it during her Catholic grade school days for winning a contest — writing or spelling, she recalls. “I reckon it’s an antique,” she joked. The date on the bottom under her name marks it as nearly 70 years old. I always wonder which of my treasures will survive that long to be passed on; maybe this will be one? I am happy to keep it safe for the next few decades, at least, on my piano.

“It’s easy to forget how young this country is; how little distance really separates us from the beginnings of the myths, like that of Lincoln, that still haunt the national imagination.” -Greil Marcus
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