In the Groove

In the Groove

This was one of those nights I just could not leave the office. One million things drew me back to my desk, despite my immense desire to hit the door. One million tasks seemed to be waiting for me at home, too, but before I stepped into the laundry room to sort and wash, I put on a record, one I bought recently. I know I just sang the praises of my iPod, and this album is one I’ve played to death in digital format. But damned if it didn’t sound completely different on vinyl, even from a few rooms away amid mountains of dirty clothes. (Of course, I was drawn back to the record player several times to stop the skipping — but that’s 1971, baby. It’s the Band, “Cahoots.”)

“To remain ignorant of things that happened before you were born is to remain a child.” -Cicero

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