The Broken Panes

The Broken Panes

The hopeless romantic in me maintains hope the countless monuments to our past that have fallen into ruin can be revived. The realist in me recognizes that’s not the American way. Rushing home from work to join my family for a birthday dinner (Happy birthday, Dad!) I was struck by the evening light hitting this one, a building I pass nearly every day but don’t think of much except every few years, when the inevitable “demolish-it-or-save-it” argument comes up. Based on what I know about this community and this economy, I’m guessing eventually it’ll be the former. But for now, I’m vowing to pay more attention to its graceful archways and vibrant bricks while they’re still there.

“We will probably be judged not by the monuments we build but by those we have destroyed.” – The New York Times Editorial Board, on the destruction of Penn Station

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